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Located in the country parish of St Brelade, John Way – The Wellness Practitioner is the man to see
for the ultimate in holistic health and fitness in Jersey. John has been providing high quality holistic health for over 8 years.
The warm and inviting space lets you feel at home whilst offering a safe and nuturing escape from life’s little worries. John offers
relaxation therapy and treatments that are designed to improve your health and well-being. Once you walk through the doors of the private clinic,
you will see how the exceptional service and elegant decor combined to create a one of a kind escape. We look forward to sharing our personalised
approach and our blissful environment and hope you enjoy your natural approach to good health.

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Food Intolerance Testing & Nutrition

Food Intolerance Testing & Nutrition

Food Intolerance Screening

What is the Asyra?

Our health screening is carried out using a device called the Asyra Pro, which was introduced to the UK eight years ago. After working with other devices for 4 years before that,  I am delighted to be able to offer our clients this screening technique.
Asyra screening is a totally non-invasive way to get information from the body. The system effectively asks thousands of “questions” of the body very quickly, and allows us to build up a full picture of your body’s response, which give important clues to the healing process. Readings are taken using two electrodes which you hold in your hands. Tiny changes in the electrical resistance of your skin are monitored as different signals are output from the system. Readings are compared with a large database of responses to give a picture of your physical wellbeing.
If you are familiar with Kinesiology (muscle testing), Asyra works in a similar way, but it is computerised – which makes it much faster.

What can I scan for?

Imbalances and weakness in organ

The screening will identify which of the major organs of your body are currently in stressed or weakened states. As organ systems are linked together both physically and energetically, the system can also indicate the root cause of the imbalance.

Nutrition needs and food intolerances

Nutritional screening provides an excellent indicator of your vitamin and mineral requirements and of any food sensitivities or allergies that you may have. It also identifies any absorption problems. This provides a basis for appropriate nutritional therapy and smart eating plans, which we recommend as a base for all patients.

Environmental and allergen sensitivity

This type of sensitivity is often a symptom of deeper imbalances. We can help you become de-sensitised using imprinted homeopathic remedies, in conjunction with a broader health improvement program.

Toxic load in the body

We pay particular attention to how well your liver is functioning, since it is major detoxification organ. The presence of toxins influence health strongly, so making sure your body regulates toxins effectively is an essential part of any treatment program.

What Happens after a Health Screening?

Once your practitioner has discussed the results of your tests with you (results are received immediately) a bespoke treatment plan will be created for you. This may include a combination of the following:

  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Diet changes
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Herbal Remedies

You will be able to leave the clinic with all the information needed to start your journey to wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes, Asyra has been used extensively for many years and is based on even older systems using bio-energetic screening. There is no pain or even discomfort during the screening process.

How long does a session last?

The actual screening generally lasts for around 5 minutes. However, as this isfollowed by an in depth discussion with your consultant, the session usually takes about 45 minutes.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes you will need to book your appointment for screening.

Do I need to prepare?

No there is nothing that you need to do in advance of your screening. If you have any questions or concerns about Asyra Screening or are at all uncomfortable with the experience, please let us know.

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What is Phytobiophysics?

phytoPhytobiophysics is based on the theory that all living organisms vibrate with a natural frequency. These vibrations create energies that are stored in living plants and can be released again to help create balance and restore health. The Flower Formulas used in Phytobiophysics are created from natural plant extracts.

How does it work?

Our emotions play a big part in our physical health. If we have unresolved stress or emotional issues these can become trapped and cause long term health problems.

Essentially the Flower Formulas are collections of essences, made from living flowers and plants from all over the world. They are not accidental mixtures of flowers and over the course of years they have been refined to a point where each formula has been targeted to regulate conditions in a very accurate manner.

They allow the release of emotional blocks, allowing the body to balance on all levels and deal with the retained toxins which are the cause of many physical problems.

Will Phytobiophysics help me?

Phytobiophysics works to stabilise and restore health on all levels. They can release energy blocks, help the body to get rid of the toxins and poisons of modern-day living and to assimilate essential nutrients.
Phytobiophysics has been used to help people with

  • Fatigue
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Skin problems
  • Respiratory problmes
  • Stress releated disorders
  • Emotional trauma
  • And many other conditions

What happens during a consultation

We use EAV testing to determine any blockages with the meridians. A Galvanometer is used to test various acupuncture points against the Phytobiophysics test kits. The practitioner builds up a holistic health profile from the essences required to balance the meridians. This is performed by creating a circuit from the sole of the foot of the patient to a meridian point on the hands or feet.

The essences are then made up as formulas which the patient takes orally at regular intervals to stabilise the chi that runs through the meridians. This allows balance to the bodies energetic system and in turn allows the body to reestablish itself and begin the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes, Phytobiophysics is perfectly safe. The remedies are made from natural plant extracts. They are natural, free from chemicals, non-addictive, safe for babies and the elderly and everyone else in between.

How long does a session last?

Initially a consultation will usually last around an hour, follow-up consultations around 30 minutes.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on your condition and how you respond to treatment. Please ask our therapist during your consultation.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, you will need to book an appointment John Way.

Do I need to prepare?

No, there is no special preparation required.

Will I be able to drive home afterwards?

Yes, the remedies will be provided for you to take at home. They are made from natural plant extracts and have no documented side effects.

If you have any questions or concerns about Phytobiophysics or are at all uncomfortable with the experience, please let us know. It is important to us that you enjoy and benefit from the therapy.

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Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

Nutritional Therapy

We like to understand your nutritional health from a number of perspectives:

  • your own symptoms and your body’s reaction to foods
  • your practitioner’s expertise and training
  • The results of bioenergetic testing with the Asyra, which gives us information that we might not get from any other form of analysis or testing

Diet and Supplements

We encourage everyone to try to eat the highest quality diet possible. Going organic, eating food in season, avoiding highly processed foods, minimising sugar, and eating correctly for your metabolic and nutritional type are all important.If you can achieve all these nutritional aims and you are in good health, then diet alone should be enough to maintain good health.

However, food and herbal supplements are appropriate when:

  • you are not yet ready to follow optimal dietary patterns
  • your system is in need of therapeutic doses
  • your need for nutrients is temporarily very high
  • you live in an environment that is not well-suited to your body e.g. a polluted city
  • you have a lifestyle not well-suited to your body e.g overwork
  • your digestive system is not capable of absorbing enough from the foods you eat
  • you are seeking optimal performance

How can Nutritional Therapy help me?

When we work with you as a client in the clinic we will advise you on how to optimise your diet for the maintenance of good health, and also give specific advice on how to use nutrition to get better when your body needs some extra help.

When recovering from illness it may be helpful to remove certain food groups completely from the diet or strongly emphasise others. This is also a time when you may need to rely on vitamins, minerals and specific co-factors in doses far above the statistical averages that are the RDAs. This is particularly the case if your digestive system is not absorbing well.

However, this phase may only last a couple of months while your body gets back on track. After that, the key is to get the right maintenance doses of things that you need, and make sure your diet is taking care of the majority of your needs.

What happens during a consultation?

We will sit down with you and discuss your current eating habits and also discuss any issues, allergies or illnesses that you have. We may also carry out some tests.
During our clinic consultations, you will receive all the advice you need to make the best dietary and supplementation decisions to suit your own individual needs for getting back to good health and staying there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a session last?

Each consultation lasts from around 30 minutes to an hour.

How many consultations will I need?

This will depend on your current situation and what your goals are. You can discuss this during your initial consultation.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, you should make an appointment to talk to one of the clinics specialists.

Do I need to prepare?

It might help if you spend some time thinking about what and how you eat, maybe keeping a food diary for a week or so before your appointment. This will help us and you get a better idea of your current diet and what needs to be worked on to improving your nutritional health.

If you have any questions or concerns about Treatment or are at all uncomfortable with the experience, please let us know. It is important to us that you enjoy and benefit from the therapy.

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PODO Rhacidian

PODO Rhacidian

What is Podo-Rhacidian?

Podo-Rhacidian meaning foot spine is a unique Vertebral and Cranio-Sacral method of treating the structural system adjunctively to the Phytobiophysics® method.

Unlike most systems of structural therapy this was in fact devised to help the body eliminate toxicity. It is understood in the Phytobiophysics® method that the structural system is in fact pre-disposed to injury and abnormality when there is a blockage in the body’s ability to eliminate a toxin or transmit information efficiently and that by assisting with the body’s ability to eliminate/ transmit, that structural integrity will return to normal. Most systems of structural support emphasise merely the bio mechanistic and some to a lesser degree the nervous implications of abnormality, this approach does little more than treat the body as a machine and really only looks at the end result of abnormality rather than the cause. Of course there is some causal trauma which is purely physical and not toxic by nature and Podo-Rhacidian enables structural re-integration with this also. Thus with Podo-Rhacidian mobilisation therapy normal structural integrity becomes a side effect rather than its direct aim.

It is Cranio-Sacral only in the sense that it works on patterns the body creates that manifest structurally in the Cranium and equal opposite Sacrum. By working on these patterns through the Meridians and the Cranial nerves we can assist the body to eliminate toxins and enable a pattern of re-integration between the meridians, nerves and musculoskeletal system. The body will realign itself rapidly if this correct integration occurs, enabling improved function and reduced physical symptoms.

“In bio-mechanical approaches to health it is regarded that structure governs function, however the Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Therapy regards emotions to be the underlying cause of structural instability.”

How is Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Performed?

There are a variety of PRM protocols.  Your practitioner will utilise the one most suited to your personal requirements. This will either involve a segmental i.e. Vertebral PRM, in which each vertebra is dealt with in turn or an integrated approach i.e. Cranial PRM, whereby the whole spine is dealt with via contact points on the cranium and sacrum/pelvis.

Simple and gentle analytical methods are employed to detect spinal or cranial lesions. These are then released through mobilisation of the fingers and toes. In this way, refexive physical tension that has been relayed from the spine along the nerve plexuses and held within the body, may be released. Not only is the treatment gentle and easy to perform, it is suitable for all ages.

How is Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Integrated into Holistic Health?

PRM is an adjunctive therapy within the Phytobiophysics® system of healing. It has been used extensively over the last 20 years by many Phytobiophysics® practitioners and other primary health care professionals i.e. Acupuncturists, Applied Kinesiologists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

How Does Podo-Rhacidian Mobilisation Helps You?

PRM helps to balance the body’s innate self-healing mechanisms therefore its scope is wide. It has been used to aid in the treatment of many problems including, but not limited to the following:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Lowered vitality
  • Recurrent infection
  • Sinus and tonsil problems
  • Reduced mobility
  • Chronic vertebral pain
  • Jaw TMJ problems
  • Pelvic misalignment
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Menstrual and menopausal problems
  • Emotional and mental stress
  • Nervous tension
  • Elimination of toxins / bacteria / heavy metal

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Personal Training & Yoga

Personal Training & Yoga

The image of a personal trainer yelling and pushing their clients until near collapse may scare some people away from hiring a trainer, but that really isn’t how I work!

The benefits of using a personal trainer should be considered carefully. While some in the field provide “tough love” motivation, I typically work with clients in a non-threatening way, helping them to achieve specific health and fitness goals. Understanding the potential benefits of a personal trainer can help you decide if the financial investment is worthwhile.

Goal Achievement

A personal trainer helps you define your fitness goals. They take into account your current fitness level and discuss what you want to achieve through your workouts. While you may have some idea of the goals you want to set, a professional is able to help you break them down into smaller goals that are specific and realistic. The personal trainer also helps assess your progress toward those goals.


Personal trainers create a specific workout plan just for you based on what you want to achieve. The personalised plan typically gives you better results than a general workout plan. Because he knows your physical condition and medical background, he is able to make accommodations to the program to fit your individual needs.


A professional trainer teaches you the proper way to perform each exercise movement in your routine. He often demonstrates the movement and watches you perform it so he can correct any issues with your posture or technique. Learning how to perform exercises properly reduces your risk of injury. You also will be able to do the exercises on your own at home or at the gym after getting professional fitness instruction.


Motivation is often difficult to maintain when you exercise on your own. Regular sessions with a personal trainer enhance your motivation to continue with a workout regimen. Even if you don’t use a personal trainer for every session, knowing that you’ll meet with your trainer soon will motivate you during workouts. You also get the satisfaction of showing your trainer the improvement you’ve made as your exercise program proceeds.


Another common problem is lack of commitment to a regular exercise program. When you exercise on your own, it is easier to skip a session here and there or fall off the wagon completely since there’s no one to hold you accountable for you actions. When you work with a trainer, he keeps you accountable; making it more likely that you’ll stick with your training program.


An experienced trainer teaches you a variety of exercise methods, which can keep you from getting bored. Also, if a specific exercise does not work for you, the trainer can change it to one that suits you better and provides the same physical benefits. Trainers also help you to make adjustments as your fitness level improves to ensure continued progress.


A professional personal trainer is able to make the most of your workout time, which increases the efficiency of your exercise program. This is especially beneficial when you have a limited amount of time to exercise. For example, if you have to cut your 1-hour training session short one day, your trainer can complete a routine with you that burns the same number of calories and provides the same physical benefits in half the time.

Which gym will you find me in?

I am based at Les Ormes, St Brelade. It is a small yet compact gym, this is ideal so new clients do not feel intimidated when coming for their sessions.

How do you pay for the Gym?

There are two options, either by membership or pay-as-you-go.

£10 per session or become a gym member

Gym Memberships

3-Month Membership fee £99 or Annual Membership of £405

  • Free use of Gym
  • Indoor pool use

Monday to Friday

7:30am – 8:50am and 11:40am to 13:20pm and 20:10 to 21:20

Wednesday the pool will close at 20:30

Saturday 16:00-19:30

Sunday 16:00 – 19:30

• Pay and Play Golf Memberships – reduced green fees

To become a member please visit http://www.jerseysport.co.uk/sports-bookings/

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Scenar Pain Therapy

Scenar Pain Therapy

Scenar Pain Therapy

What is SCENAR Therapy?

The SCENAR (Self-Controlled EnergoNeuro Adaptive Regulation) was developed 30 years ago by scientists in the Russian space agencyto meet their need for effective, fast, and flexible pain treatment on space missions.
SCENAR is now used routinely in hospitals, by medical professionals and top athletes, and is highly effective in the relief of any pain.

does it work?

SCENAR therapy directly stimulates the natural adaptive processes of the body and nervous system so that the body can heal itself. The software used in the SCENAR imitates the nervous system’s own impulses and alters the output of the device every few milliseconds in response to your body’s reaction. In addition, the SCENAR impulses stimulate the body’s “C-fibres”, which is the main component – about 85% – of nerves.
The stimulation the SCENAR provides your nervous system causes the brain to release the body’s own internal pharmacy of bio-active compounds to the site of the pain. Included in this is a measured dose of neuropeptides, some of the most powerful pain relief agents the body produces, and widely regarded as one of the most powerful healing compounds. Within minutes the body has delivered sufficient natural chemicals to give powerful pain relief and to speed up the healing process.

Will it help me?

John has been treating acute and chronic pain with great success using SCENAR therapy for years, and now run an open pain clinic. This treatment stimulates the nervous system, restarting the body’s natural healing responses.

If you are suffering from:

  • Neck/back pain
  • Whiplash
  • Aching joints
  • Sports injuries
  • Fractures
  • Arthritis
  • RSI
  • Headaches
  • IBS
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Osteoporosis
  • Broken bones
  • Post-operative recovery
  • ME
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Stroke recovery

We can help you…

What happens during a SCENAR Therapy session?

After a short consultation you are invited to lie down on the therapy table in our comfortable and private treatment room. It is a good idea to wear loose clothing so that you feel as relaxed as possible.

The SCENAR device is a small hand held device that looks a bit like a tv remote control. The therapist will place the SCENAR deviceon your body around the site of your pain and use it to stroke your skin. You will probably start to experience some tingling sensations but it should not be painful. You might feel your muscles contracting and relaxing. For some, the pain relief is instant and lasting but you may need more than one treatment to feel sustained relief from pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe? Will it hurt?

Yes, the SCENAR device is safe and has been widely used all over the world. You might experience some tingling or prickling and even minor discomfort, but no pain. If you have any concerns at all please let the Therapist know immediately.

How long does a session last?

Each therapy sessions lasts from 30 to 45 minutes. If you are suffering acute pain the sessions might be shorter for the earlier treatment sessions.

How many treatments will I need?

This will really depend on the nature and causes of your pain. Please ask the Therapist during your consultation.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, you should book an appointment for treatment.

Do I need to prepare?

No, you will not need to do anything before a treatment.

Will I be OK to drive home afterwards?

If you managed to drive to your appointment then you will manage to drive home afterwards. If you have any concerns about how you feel after a treatment, please speak to the therapist.

If you have any questions or concerns about SCENAR Therapy or are at all uncomfortable with the experience, please let us know. It is important to us that you enjoy and benefit from the therapy.

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The Wellness Practitioner

Initial Consultation £80
Folllow-up Consultation £50
Energy/Reiki Therapy £60
Personal Training £50 or £450 for 10hrs used in 3 months

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  • For three years I suffered with severe skin irritation, mainly on my legs and arms which which I believed was triggered on by stress. I tried the obvious things like changed my diet, washing powder etc and of course tried all the different creams and advice provided by my GP. This problem was not improving in fact it was getting worse and then a friend recommended I see John Way. I had my first consultation with John and he took a lot of time with me going through the various flower formulas and I left with certain ones to try. John frequently called me to see how I was getting on and all I could say was my itching had stopped” I was really amazed that it worked so quickly in fact with the exception of one teeney weeney flare up, it has totally cleared up and I have never itched since

    Skin Conditions
  • Six months after the birth of my second child I was diagnosed by my G.P with Postnatal depression. I was placed on antidepressants and they did work for me at the time but I hadn’t heard of phytobiphysics and did not know that there were other options available to me. After I had been on antidepressants for about 3 years I decided that I was ready to come off them. However, when I tried to come off them my problems began. Although I was weaning myself of the medication at a very slow rate, I began to experience withdrawal symptoms such as dizziness, tingling sensations in my face and arms, nausea and I became short tempered. After experiencing these symptoms I resided myself to the fact that I would not be able to give up the antidepressants because I felt the only way I could deal with the withdrawal symptoms would be to hide away from everything until I had got through it. Due to the fact that I had a young family to take care of and a job, I felt that my only option was to continue taking medication that I no longer needed, until the children were older and I could take time off work.

    Post Natal Depression
  • For years I have suffered with Arthritis and M.E. & have various pains throughout my whole body. About 18 months ago I went to see John at his pain clinic, at that time I had a lot of pain in my neck, right knee and my left ankle, The first session took about an hour and he worked on these 3 areas. It was amazing as the machine knew where the pain was. I’ve been to doctors , consultants, chiropractors, pain clinic, ect over the years and they rarely found the spot where it hurt. Since that 1st session, the pain in my ankle has never came back, over the next month I had 3 more sessions, working on my knee and my neck, the pain in my knee is only bad during really damp weather, but nothing compared to what it was like before. The pain in my neck does come back sometimes, but usually when I’ve been doing too much gardening, I would definitely recommend going to see John at the pain clinic to everybody who is in pain. I felt the results almost instantly and its made a huge difference to the amount of pain relief I no longer need. Thanx John, so friendly and inviting,

    Arthritis & Depression
  • I had a EAV Full Body Scan a few months ago as I had been suffering for depression for quite a number of years and had finally had enough of the daily weepiness, lack of confidence and waking up of a morning, struggling to face the day. John prescribed me a flower formula and various vitamin and mineral supplements and I noticed a huge improvement overnight and am feeling better in myself than I have in many years. Interestingly, not very good at taking pills etc I had stopped taking them for about ten days earlier this month and wondered why I was feeling weepy and depressed again! Back on the prescribed vitamins, supplements and flower formula and again, better immediately so I am very impressed with what John has done for me and would highly recommend this treatment.

  • I met John in January 2014, as a result of my online search for a food intolerance testing. I suffered for a long time with intestinal pains, which were later concluded and then excluded as Crohn’s disease by the medics.
    What a surprise it was when John introduced me to his way of working and his equipment and diagnosis protocols! Honestly, I thought no chance am I going to trust it. And quite frankly, I didn’t. I was told by John that I had no food allergies or anything of the kind, it looked to him that was in fact a bacterial infection. Well, I was quite happy to hear I can eat everything and obviously didn’t think much of the latter, although John asked to take some antibacterial remedies and immune boosters and come back in a month time. I didn’t. But now I am. After many months of more and more different symptoms, many doctors, and no right treatment or correct diagnosis I finally got to the bottom of it. It’s called Lyme’s disease and it’s a tick-borne BACTERIAL INFECTION! A big circle just to come back to my first ever consultation with John Way Holistic Therapist, which happend to be spot on! Thank you John.

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